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Quality Control Policy


This QA Manual covers all stages of construction and provides documentary evidence that all the Code / Customer requirements are met.

All construction activities shall comply with Code / Customer requirements, design documents, qualified procedures and Quality Assurance Plan.
Based on the approved drawings and other related documents, Engineer QA & QC shall prepare the Quality Assurance Plan, which shall indicate as a minimum the following:
Stages of manufacturing at which examination, test and inspection are to be carried out.
Details of examination to be carried out, NDE and HT requirements.
Reference to procedures, drawings, specifications and acceptance standards.
Head QA & QC shall approve the QAP.
Before the commencement of manufacture, the approved QAP shall be made available to the TPIA / Customer Representative, for marking his Hold, Witness and Review points and acceptance of the QAP.
Engineer QA & QC shall transfer the Hold, Witness and Review points of TPIA
Customer on the stage wise Inspection Report and Head QA & QC shall approve the same and offer it to TPIA / Customer Representative for review and acceptance.
Stores Incharge shall issue material to Manager Production. The material identity shall be maintained throughout the manufacture by coded marking as per procedure acceptable to TPIA / Customer Representative and traceable to original required marking. Hard punching shall not be done on ferrous material less than 6 mm thk, and non ferrous material less than 13mm thk. If the material is to be cut, original identification marking or coded marking, shall be transferred to all the parts at the time of marking but before cutting, and the same shall be verified by Engineer QA & QC. The Engineer QA & QC shall inspect the material as per Drg./Code requirements for dimension, marking and after satisfactory identification fill in the Material Identification Report. Material Test Reports of materials as applicable shall be made available for review by TPIA / Customer Representative.
Manager Production and / or Production Supervisor shall ensure marking, cutting and manufacture as per approved drawing. Manager Production or Production Supervisor shall offer various stages to Engineer QA & QC as detailed in QAP through Stage Inspection Offer Register. The Examination shall be Carried out by Engineer QA & QC and recorded on reports which shall be made available to TPIA / Customer Representative. No processing shall be carried out without obtaining clearance from the Engineer QA & QC.
Head QA & QC, shall intimate the TPIA / Customer Representative well in advance for inspection by TPIA / Customer Representative at the Hold/witness points indicated in QAP.
When nonconformity is noticed, the component or sub-assembly shall be segregated by a HOLD-Tag and a NCR shall be prepared and resolved to the satisfaction to TPIA / Customer Representative.
If any repairs to pressure parts or material is required, Engineer QA & QC shall raise NCR and analyze the deviation if any and initiate the disposition by repair in consultation with the concerned department heads and prior to repair, a supplementary Weld Plan and QAP shall be repaired for repair. TPIA / Customer Representative concurrence shall be obtained prior to repairing of material.
Engineer QA & QC shall prepare the Job Heat Treatment Requirement; Head QA & QC shall review and approve the same and handover to Head Material Planning & Procurement, who shall organize the HT.
Engineer QA & QC shall check all the records of NDE, HT and other requirements before releasing equipment for pressure testing in accordance with the Code requirements. Only calibrated Pressure Gauges with a range of 1.5 to 4 times the actual test Pressure shall be used. He shall also carry out necessary visual inspection of joints and connection for any leaks. When pneumatic tests are conducted, he shall ensure that it is in compliance with the provisions of clause UW 50 of Code.
Alter completion of all activities, Head QA & QC shall carry out final inspection and check all the documents, verify that all the Code/P.O. requirements have been met by completing Pre Test Checklist and offer it to TPIA / Customer Representative for review. Head QA & QC shall also check for correctness of nameplate or stamping detail. Head QA & QC shall arrange for final inspection by TPIA / Customer Representative and TPIA / Customer Representatives Stamp. Engineer QA & QC shall prepare & certify the Final Documents dossier along with all relevant MTRs, examination and test reports, HT records & shall offer the same to TPIA / Customer Representative for his review & signature.
Approved dossiers shall be submitted to customer in no of copies as specified in P.O. and original copy of the same shall be retained for minimum of Guarantee period of the equipment along with R .T.films & AS BUILT Drawings.
A copy of Approved dossiers shall be furnished to the user.

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